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“I AM A MAN!” Teen Mentorship Training Opportunity

10124585-two-businessmen-looking-into-an-illuminated-cardboard-boxI AM A MAN - Youth Mens Lifestyle Develoment Program       Some students know exactly who they are and what they want to be in life…  While other students are just not sure about life at all…

Research shows that, sometimes due to fatherlessness, socio-economic challenges, dysfunctional family situations, depression, discouragement, substance abuse, lack of motivation, a poor self image, emotional challenges, incorrigibility or just simply because of their family’s physical environment or living arrangements… for some of these students, the distractions of life are just too much to bare and that makes it impossible for these otherwise brilliant students to learn. But we can help! “I AM A MAN” is a mentoring opportunity program with over 30 years of mentoring success and is designed for boys and young men in two age group, between 13-18 and 18 – 30 age groups, (older young adults are referred to the Real Dads In America’s ”Twenty Something” young adult training group sessions) available especially for students that lack the where-with-all to excel academically and in life skills, due to their systemic learning challenges that plague a vast majority of the students living in these type of conditions. Before many students can be expected to excel2015-02-28 02.13.54 in learning areas of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math), they must be encouraged to succeed in simple life skills. Through the help of the “I AM A MAN” mentors and coaches utilizing real life examples of excellence, discipline and character of the as special guest speakers from local military, aviation and business professionals to share their own stories of valor, integrity and success as role models the youth, students are able to see and communicate with those that can help them succeed in their lives. These men and women become visible examples for the students to know and see how to apply these same life principles into their own circumstances and lives. Through the one on one and group training sessions through the I AM A MAN MENTORSHIP program students are taught strongly about the values of moral character and integrity as a key ingredient for success in their lives. For over 25 years these type of success training principles have helped student time and time again to be motivated and directed into career success. Subjects such as critical reasoning skills, successfull goal setting, professional presentation and manners training, sas12080300069[1]time management, self esteem building, vision / goal setting skills and presentation training procedures are instilled and routinely practiced with each student to help them to excel first confidently personally, next academically, and finally professionally in their chosen technical career pursuits. 4675974-international-business[1]Students are mentored and coached through various courses, utilizing motivational techniques, technical tutoring and general academic rudiments. Students that advance through the first two regiments of training are advanced on to the Execu-Teen training courses 3590340-audio-mixing-console[1]specializing in either business, entrepreneurial, aviation, the performing arts, or broadcasting / media specialized training skills.

We believe… in every male student there is a brilliant successful young man waiting to be trained to good success…


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