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Teens… Join the “Fly Guys” and “Fly Girls” Flight Team!


The Future Aviators In America Association (F.A.A.A.) “Fly Guys” & “Fly Girls” (F.G.s) Flight Team members consist of primarily  6th -12th grade teens with a passion to pursue aviation as a career. Course requirements include levels one through three in the Future Aviators Preparatory Ground School Training Course.


By helping to map out strategies, assist with their career direction, explain 20140426_131826aviation learning opportunities, options and to make recommendations, the Future Aviators team is able to consult aspiring aviation students into the proper path for their personal individual goals and we help to Identity – Direct – Inspire & Mentor students into the proper the college (Part 141), F.B.O (Part 61), specialized accelerated aviation, military or airline program based on their bent and passion, giving them unbiased truthful options about pursuing the real world of aviation.  We help students to future-aviators-2012-heilcopter-lesson-winner-alex-flying-over-mercer-island-bellevue-lake-washington-and-seattlebe prepared as early as possible to work toward their aviation dreams while giving them real opportunities to get exposure to aviation under2016-05-15 18.53.49 the Future Aviators In America “Fly Guys” & “Fly Girls” Flight Team.  Some of the students participating in this group would most likely would not have the opportunity to be trained in the aviation industry, due to the high cost of training and the intricacies of the tight knit 2016-05-15 20.29.04aviation community along with the students own personal disadvantages and family environments, or perhaps a lack of Future Aviators - Teen Girl Flying - shutterstock_226854289accessible financial resources to fulfill their vision for an aviation career.  At Future Aviators, our donors help us to assist students to make it possible for them to pursue their aviation dreams despite their financial and family challenges.  Youth that become a part of the various Future Aviators programs are encouraged to become disciplined, determined and to work hard at to build aviation flight time throughout their early years of learning all the way through their High School years, to learn how to sharpen their decision making and risk management skills that can be used as future aviators.  Many of these student begin their career pursuits with many hours in their flight hours of experience from the Future Aviators programs and events they participate in as youth.  Much 7774230-pilots-in-the-cockpit-during-a-commercial-flight[1]of the curriculum for training students involves including information about historic flying aces and engineers, from the military, corporate, and general aviation realms, and features information on the Tuskegee Airmen and Navy Blue Angels.  Guest speakers include military aviation veterans, aircraft owners, aircraft mechanics, as well as airline,corporate and General Aviation pilots.  Private and corporate donors make flights possible through their donations to the 2016-05-15 20.01.41Future 2015-09-19 18.15.32Aviators programs for the students.  By excelling in science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E. M.), these students also learn valuable reasoning and comprehension skills as they become self disciplined, educated, productive and eventually contributing citizens to our society, as well as candidates for higher learning in the fields of aviation, engineering and manufacturing industry worldwide.  Students from the program are invited to be part of the fun and excitement at “The Future Aviators In America Flying Day”.  Each of these students are trained on elementary aircraft operations 027and co-piloting skills and are taken on a pre-paid / scholarship introductory airplane flight to learn first hand on how aircraft applied sciences work in the air!

(Right) A Recent Future Aviators “Free Flying Day” at The Renton Municipal Airport KRNT – Renton, Washington

To learn more about joining the “Rusty Student Flyer Program” or  the Future Aviators In America “Fly Guys” & “Fly Girls” (F.G.s) Flight Team, email your inquiry to: Heyibelieveicanfly@gmail.com

Identity – Direct – Inspire – Mentor

“Fly Guys” & “Fly Girls” (F.G.s) Flight Team 

Future Aviators In America operates strictly on private and corporate donations and assistance. Donate online today to scholarship a student to one of the upcoming Future Aviators Accelerated Learning Camps, or one of the upcoming Student Free Flying Days, or give to defray the costs of School Assemblies, and other Future Aviator’s programs …

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