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About Future Aviators

A Sy-S.T.E.M. of Excellence In Learning Through Aviation… For nearly 10 years, the Future Aviators In America (F.A.A.) has inspired 3rd through 12th grade students to become safe aviation students through the age appropriate aviation and pilot training provided by Future Aviators In America volunteers.  Our programs and events are designed to improve judgment and decision making through the No Risk Rusty Flight Teams.   Through the Future Aviators “Fly Guys” & “Fly Girls” (F.G.s) Flight Teams, our Middle School & High School Pilot Preparatory Ground Training Sessions camps, school assemblies and much more.

Our mentors help to prepare and inspire 7th – 12th grade students through career guidance, coaching, training and exposure to the aviation industry, while providing aviation career tips and guidance for Middle School (Jr. High) and High School students that display a strong passion for a career in aviation and aerospace.

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Join the upcoming Future Aviators Academy Preparatory Ground Program

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future-aviators-2013-flying-day-helicopter-static-display-komo-tv-4-2Youth that are selected for the Future Aviators In America’s (F.A.A.A.’s) programs are encouraged to have fun and work hard at a young age to sharpen their piloting skills that will be used as future aviators by excelling in science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M. training).  Each student participates in basic elementary flight training and aviation industry tours, introductory flights. Touring the Air Traffic Control Tower.. aviation’s vital part in today’s society. (Photo to the right.) futureaviators_94_2406638139

Donations of airplane and helicopter flight time through private pilot donations, corporate aircraft departments, and companies like Boeing Employees Flying Association (B.E.F.A. helicopter-flying Your donation of seldomly used aircraft or financial gifts can help youth with a vision for aviation to succeed. Through corporate or private donations these excellent educational programs can continue to be offered to youth that would not have an opportunity to reach for the sky in learning and achieving. Thank you to our donors in making the efforts of the Future Aviators Association Programs a high flying success!

 2015-09-19 16.46.05 Without aviation mentors, motivating and directing the students through the programs of Future Aviators, student success most likely would not be obtained.

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No Risk Rusty says… Hey, I believe I can fly safely!” Identity – Direct – Inspire – Mentor

The Future Aviators In America operates strictly on private and corporate donations and assistance. Donate Online Today!

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